Each week includes age-appropriate themed activities, along with special classes in art, science, active games and outdoor education. Water activities and fitness adventures are part of everyday camp adventures!

It's Summertime!

WEEK 1: June 4-8

Good bye desks and chairs, hello jumping pillow and pond time! We officially welcome everyone back to camp this week for the 2018 season. Catch up with old friends, and meet new ones too, all while playing, exploring and learning together!

Going Green

WEEK 2: June 11-15

Join us for a week of discovering how we can be “greener” inhabitants of our beautiful planet. We will learn how things are recycled and even do some upcycling of our own! There are so many ways to go green, which will your group explore?

Into the Out

WEEK 3: June 18-22

Step into the out with us as we do things backwards, upside down, and inside out this week! Will it be as simple as going through the lunch line backwards, or will your counselor put you in charge for the day as you reverse roles? Who will be invited to come into the out? Join us to find out!

Melody Madness

WEEK 4: June 25-29

Bring your best beat to camp this week as we explore different types of music, instruments, and make some of our own! Have you ever wanted to be in a music video or learn to make your own guitar? Or are you a master at musical chairs and name that tune! There is sure to be something for everyone during this merry, melody week!

Star-Spangled Celebration!

WEEK 5: July 2-3 and 5-6

Join us this week and help us celebrate America’s birthday. We will show our American pride and rejoice for our freedom as we celebrate the home of the brave!

Home Grown!

WEEK 6: July 9-13

This week will be all about finding our roots. Is your family from a farming tradition, or the big city? Join us and learn about cultural and family traditions and how they shape our lives. Did you know this is the 21st year of day camp? How did it all begin and how has it changed? Join us as we discover and learn!

Water Wars x 12

WEEK 7: July 16-20

A true camp tradition and favorite not the be missed! This week we will do all things water! Ever been to a waterfall? What about making your own? Swimming and water games are only the beginning, not to mention the infamous Smokey Hollow WATER WARS!!

Winter in July!

WEEK 8: July 23-27

Although the temperatures may be on the rise, we invite you to cool down with us this week as we experience the best of winter activities … in Summer! Sandmen are sure to be built and ice skating is a camp favorite.

The Great Escape

WEEK 9: July 30-August 3

Campers this week are invited to escape little ol’ Lodi, WI, for a week of traveling fun and mystery suspense! Will your group try to escape before time runs out or will you opt for a leisurely trip a faraway land. Which ever you choose, it is sure to be a great escape!

Open Ocean

WEEK 10: August 6-10

This week we will dive head first into the largest surface of our planet — the ocean! Spanning more than 70% of our planet’s surface, the ocean is home to a number of creatures we will be sure to meet this week! Do you know why the sea is salty? Join us and learn this, and so much more.

Picture This!

WEEK 11: August 13-17

Camp is all about making friendships and memories that last a lifetime. As we start to see the end approaching, join us this week as we capture some moments forever! We will explore all sorts of photography from polaroids to cell phone cameras, look at art from different areas, and even different weeks of the summer! If a picture tells a thousand words, what story will you tell?

Last Call

WEEK 12: August 20-24

Although we know summer must end, we are sad to see it go! This week is about ending the summer with favorite activities and games as we prepare to say good bye until next season.