Each week includes age-appropriate themed activities, along with special classes in art, science, active games and outdoor education. Water activities and fitness adventures are part of everyday camp adventures!


Note to parents: The themes for Weeks 2 & 3 have been switched. Our website has been updated to reflect the change. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Summer Lovin'

WEEK 1: June 12-16

We are lovin’ the summer! Fresh air! Swimming! Biking! Jumping Pillow! More time with friends! Sleeping in a little later! No more school and no homework! (Sssh, Parents, don’t tell the kids, but they’re still going to learn some things here)!

Anticipated Trip: Sky Zone (DJ)

Science Explosion

WEEK 2: June 19-23

Join us for a week of exciting science experiments! Campers will explore weather, rockets, robots and more this week! We’ll travel to the space and learn about what it’s like to live in a place where everything floats! How do astronauts eat, sleep, or even take a bath?

Anticipated Trip: UW Space Place

Bike Kids

Step Back in Time

WEEK 3: June 26-30

Step back in time with us…we’ll see what life was like before computers, cell phones…. before video games, television…before jumping pillows and inflatable pond toys…WHAT?! Join us as we take a trip back in time and see how our great (really great) grandparents lived when they first came to Wisconsin from Europe.

Anticipated Trip: Old World Wisconsin

Red, White, Blue and You!

WEEK 4: July 3-7

This week we will celebrate the good ol’ red, white and blue! And we’ll celebrate you, too! Come out a show us your American spirit as we play traditional yard games like corn hole and ladder golf!

Anticipated Trip: Zoo

Water Wars

Water Wars x 11

WEEK 5: July 10-14

Day campers will experience a week of splish-splash fun! We will be learning about all that goes on, in, or under water! Swimming and water games are a given this week, as well as the infamous WATER WARS! A trip to everyone’s favorite water/theme park is likely!

Anticipated Trip: Mt. Olympus

Kids Water Guns

Reverse, Reverse!

WEEK 6: July 17-21

Expect the unexpected this week! Everything’s gone totally upside down, inside out, and backwards! Will things be backwards and crazy? Ooey and gooey? Maybe the counselors will play the kids and you’ll be in charge?! Or will normal be what is unexpected?! What is certain is that crazy fun awaits you! So, prepare for the unexpected…or expect to be unprepared!

Anticipated Trip: Merry Mac’s and Boulders Climbing Gym (DJ)

Brave the Cave!

WEEK 7: July 24-28

Bring your flashlight (and a sweatshirt)! We’re going spelunking! Campers will be learning about rocks, minerals, mining and caves. This
week we will be headed to one of Wisconsin’s own caves where we will have the opportunity to do some hands-on exploring throughout the

Anticipated Trip: Eagle Cave in Blue River, WI (overnight)

Smokey Hollow: Where Summer Dreams Come True

WEEK 8: July 31-August 4

If you’ve ever wished you could be a Disney princess, villain or hero, this is your chance! “When you wish upon a star…dreams do come true….” We’re honoring Walt Disney this week as we do all things Disney-style.

Anticipated Trip: History Museum at the Castle/Epic

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

WEEK 9: August 7-11

While the air is heating up, we are cooling down! We’ll see snowflakes, make snowmen, and even go sledding! A trip to the ice arena is in the works! Join us while we walk in our own Winter Wonderland!

Anticipated Trip: Ice Skating (overnight)

Around the World

WEEK 10: August 14-18

Jet off from Smokey Hollow this week to learn about places and people around the world! What is the most common food eaten in China? When was the Eiffel Tower built and why? How long does it take to get to Sydney, Australia from the Madison Airport? Come share where your ancestors are from and learn about other family traditions of your friends at camp, too!

Anticipated Trip: Little Amerricka(S/F/D)/Chinese food lunch/Norwegian Heritage Center/Karate lesson and performance/Kalahari (W/O/T)

The Final Countdown

WEEK 11: August 21-25

This is it! Join us for our final countdown of summer days swimming in the pond, jumping on the pillow, and making lasting memories with friends! We know that summer must end, but we will be sure to end it with a bang before we say good-bye until 2018!

Anticipated Trip: Mt. Olympus (DJ)

Rock Saturn