Each week includes age-appropriate themed activities, along with special classes in art, science, active games and outdoor education. Water activities and fitness adventures are part of everyday camp adventures!

Summer Lovin' Week

WEEK 1: June 10-14

It’s our favorite time of the year! School is out for the summer! No more homework, just lots of relaxing in the sun and spending time with friends at camp! What could be better? Join us for a great start to the summer as we spend time with old friends meet new friends too! Anticipated field trip: Mt. Olympus

Under the Sea Week

WEEK 2: June 17-21

Be sure to bring your swim suit and goggles as we explore under the sea! This week at amp there will be lots of swimming. Sharks and Minnows and Ships and Sailors are sure to be played this week as we learn everything in the sea! Anticipated field trip: Discovery World

Mad Science Week

WEEK 3: June 24-28

Fizzy, oozing, bubbling experiments are in store for Mad Science Week! Join us as we explore all that science has to offer! Will you make a tasty concoction or will it turn out icky, sticky and gooey? Be sure to share your favorite slime recipe with us this week as we explore how slime works! This week is sure to be an experiment! Anticipated field trip: Boulder’s Climbing Gym

Party in the USA Week

WEEK 4: July 1-5

Join us this week to celebrate the good ole’ United States! We will show off our American pride as we celebrate the birthday of America. We will be doing everything red, white and blue as we represent America! Anticipated field trip: Little Amerricka on Wednesday

Winter in July Week!

WEEK 5: July 8-12

Come to camp to cool down with us as we enjoy all of our favorite winter games, crafts, and treats … in summer! Be prepared to decorate Christmas cookies, make snowmen, build gingerbread houses, and go ice skating! Anticipated field trip: Ice Skating

Water Wars x 13

WEEK 6: July 15-19

A long camp tradition and favorite of campers! Be sure to bring your swim suit this week becasue we will doing all things water. Join us for lots of swimming, water games, and the classic WATER WARS!! Anticipated field trip: Mt. Olympus

Great Games Week

WEEK 7: July 22-26

This week at camp we will be exploring what games have to offer. Come play soccer, gaga ball, dodge ball and lots of other games while we work on our teamwork skills, perseverance and having tons of fun with our friends! Anticipated field trip: Mallards game on Wednesday.

Time Travelers Week

WEEK 8: July 29-August 3

This week will travel back in time and into the future! We will start the week going way back into time and play games that our ancestors played. By the end of the week we will have traveled into the future. Will you have a hover car in the future or your own personal robot? You decide! Anticipated field trip: Devils Lake

Space is the Place

WEEK 9: August 5-9

Three, two, one … BLAST OFF! This week at camp we will learn all about outer space, rocket ships, and astronauts! Will you jump to the sky on the jumping pillow or create your own star? Maybe you will go through astronaut training. Be sure to join us this week because it’s going to be a blast! Anticipated field trip: SkyZone

Disney Week

WEEK 10: August 12-16

This week at camp we will be doing everything Disney! Share your favorite Disney movie and dress up as your favorite Disney character on Wednesday! Test your knowledge this week in Disney trivia. Anticipated field trip: Fast Forward

The Last Hurrah

WEEK 11: August 19-23

Join us for the last hurrah of the summer! We will say goodbye to our friends until next summer. This week we will be having a huge celebration. We will do all of our favorite activities one last time before we say our final goodbyes! Anticipated field trip: Mt. Olympus