Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

When do we pay for camp?

Payment is due on Monday morning of the week that your day camper is attending or the first day of the week your camper is scheduled. Payment can be made via check, cash or credit card (MasterCard or Visa) and should be given to the office unless otherwise notified. Credit cards may be used and kept on file to charge weekly if you set that up with the office. Visit our Rates & Hours page for current tuition and fees. Due at the time of registration is the $25 registration fee, per child, and the last week’s child care amount.

Do you have any bus service?

Yes, there are pick up and drop off locations in DeForest at McDonalds at Hwy V & I-90, Middleton at Kromrey Middle School and Waunakee on the north side of the High School at the parking lot on 8th Street and School Drive. Visit our Bus Service page for fees and more details.

Do I provide my own sunscreen?

Yes, we ask that you send your camper with sunscreen. We will sunscreen 3-4 times a day, depending on our schedule.

Where do the day campers go if threatening weather occurs?

There are shelters around the campground, but the safest spot is the day camp center. We are tuned to the weather stations via radios and computer satellite, and will notify counselors via radio.

What will my day camper eat for lunch?

A menu will be posted in the day camp weekly newsletter. If your day camper does not like what is served on a particular day, you may want to pack a sack lunch that day. Peanut butter/jelly uncrustables are available. We ask that your day camper come to camp with a well-balanced breakfast, so that they are energized to start the day. Morning snack will be cereal and afternoon snack may consist of granola bar or crackers, etc. Drinks are available at snack time and lunch. Water is available to them throughout the day.

What does my day camper need to bring to camp?

The necessary things to bring the first day would be a swimsuit, sunscreen, towel, socks and tennis shoes. You may want to bring a jacket to leave in your child’s cubby, in case of cool weather. Your child’s counselor may have a wish list for extras, which will be available the first week of camp. Please put your name on all of your child’s articles you bring. The counselor will not be responsible for individual children’s belongings.

Is part-time a possibility?

We offer part time as partial weeks, with a minimum of three days a week. These would be full days. We do not offer half days as we travel on Thursdays and as we need to have flexibility to change our schedule if needed. For example, we may go bowling or roller skating on days that may be very hot or very rainy.

Can we stay and use stuff after day camp hours?

Yes you may stay and use the pond and beach. We welcome day campers to share our facility with family members, Monday through Thursday only. Just be sure to obtain a wristband in the campground office.

Can the day camper wear life jackets or floatation devices in the pond?

Yes, they can wear life jackets/floatation devices if a parent requests it. State on your paperwork that you want your child to wear a life jacket and be sure to send one. All day campers are swim tested and must pass a swim test in order to swim in the pond without a life jacket. If your child does not have a life jacket and requires one, we provide them for daily use.

What are the normal fees incurred with a field trip?

Scheduled overnight field trips for children ages 8-14 may run $20 per stay (subject to change) dependent on activity and length of overnight. For day adventures, the fee (which covers both bus and admission) is always less than $25 but closer to $15.

How does the field trip buddy system work?

Depending on the field trip, we will use the buddy system for Wolves, Owls, and Teens (8 and older). They may have the opportunity to go with their buddy or small groups and participate in activities and use the facilities on our trip. If for any trips that you feel more comfortable with your camper staying with a counselor, please let the office know.

What is Swim Zone?

Our pond is a swim zone filled with inflatables and toys. The pond reaches 13 feet in depth. All campers are swim tested before they are allowed to swim at camp. Based on their level of ability, they will be able to participate in all or some of the areas offered in the pond. All campers swim with a swim buddy, follow buddy checks with their counselors, and follow the safety rules of the pond posted. A lifeguard is on duty just for our campers.

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What about Medication?

All medication, even if self-administered, needs to have a Medication Authorization form on file with the office. This form is on our website under Forms. Medication needs to be provided in its original, dated, properly labeled container (request an extra bottle from pharmacy).

Does my child have to wear the camp shirts, even if they are going to be there for 1 week?

Yes, each child will be given a blue and yellow camp shirt, which should be worn every day they come to camp. We anticipate that the child will have so much fun that they will wear the shirts even while not at camp! The $25 registration fee covers 2 shirts per child. Additional shirts can be purchased for $8 each.

What happens if my child gets ill during the day?

Like the school requirements, we will call the parent to have them pick the sick child up. If the child has a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or is in need of medical attention, he or she will not return to Smokey Hollow Day Camp until well. State law requires a sick child with fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or other contagious illness to remain at home for 24 hours. If a fever, child needs to be fever free, without use of fever reducer, for 24 hours before returning to camp. There is no refund for day(s) a child is absent due to illness or medical condition.

Where will I drop off and pick up my day camper(s)?

You will drop off and pick up your day camper(s) at the area in front of the day camp office (garage). Once the day camp day starts, each group will go to their respective area/project.

What are the hours of operation?

The drop off time starts at 7 AM; the camp day starts around 8:30 AM and goes until 4 PM and the child must be picked up no later than 5:30 PM. A child should not be at camp more than 10 hours in a day. In an emergency in which you will not be able to get to camp before pick-up, you must notify the camp office at (608) 635-4805. Penalty is $1/minute for lateness.

What is a typical week at day camp?

Normally, Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday we are onsite at camp. Thursdays are our all camp field trip days.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered here, please call us 608-635-4805 or use our Contact Form to submit your question.