Each week includes age-appropriate themed activities, along with special classes in art, science, active games and outdoor education. Water activities and fitness adventures are part of everyday camp adventures!

Summer Lovin'

WEEK 1: June 7-11

Join us as we celebrate the first week of summer. New and old friends will meet, there will be tons of water games, crafts and much more! At the end of the week, we will celebrate the first week of summer with ice cream and friends on the back deck!Anticipated field trip: Jellystone

Disney Week

WEEK 2: June 14-18

This week at camp we will be doing everything Disney! Share your favorite Disney movie and dress up as your favorite Disney character on Wednesday! Test your knowledge this week in Disney trivia. Make your favorite minion and swim like Nemo! This week is sure to be filled with lots of Disney fun and excitement! Anticipated field trip: Oasis Campground

Experiments Galore!

WEEK 3: June 21-25

Join us for a week of fizzling, sizzling, and oozing. This week we explore all that science has to offer! Will you make a tasty concoction or will it turn out icky, sticky, and gooey? Be sure to share your favorite slime recipe with us as we explore how slime works! The week is sure to be an experiment! Anticipated field trip: Indian Trails Campground

Red, White & Blue Week

WEEK 4: June 28-July 1

Help us celebrate America this week! We will be doing all things Red, White and Blue. There will be tons of patriotic games and crafts to do throughout the week. Share your pride for the good ole’ US of A. Anticipated field trip: Little Amerricka

Mystery Week

WEEK 5: July 6-9

Help us solve great mysteries this week! Come to camp with your best detective skills and help us solve the great Smokey Hollow Day Camp Mystery of 2021! Who will be the first to put the clues together and claim the prize? We can’t wait to see our super sleuths come together and solve this one! Anticipated field trip: SkyZone

Water Wars x 15

WEEK 6: July 12-16

Get ready for a week filled with tons of water. Be sure to bring your swimsuit this week because you are going to need it! We are going to be playing tons of water games, swimming and water crafts. This week is sure to be a blast! Anticipated field trip: Jellystone

Halloween Week!

WEEK 7: July 19-23

Get ready to join us for a spooky week of camp! There will be lots of tricks and tons of treats. We will create spiders, ghosts, and other Halloween items. On Tuesday, you will have the chance to dress up in your favorite Halloween costume. Anticipated field trip: Pirate’s Cove

Winter in July

WEEK 8: July 26-30

We will be celebrating all things winter. We will be making holiday crafts and treats. We will be also playing tons of winter games! At the end of the week, we will enjoy a cold treat to wrap up Winter in July week. Anticipated field trip: Ice Skating

Time Travelers Week

WEEK 9: August 2-6

Prepare yourself for a journey through time! We will spend our week learning about games and people of the past and future. Will you make cave art or play games from years past? Will you create games of the future? We can’t wait to time travel and find out!Anticipated field trip: Boulders Climbing Gym

Smokey Hollow Olympics

WEEK 10: August 9-13

Come this week ready to compete in all types of events. From running to swimming and everything in between, there will be tons of competitions. At the end of the week we will celebrate some of the finest athletes of our very own Smokey Hollow Olympics. Anticipated field trip: SkyZone

The Last Hurrah!

WEEK 11: August 16-20

This week we will say goodbye to summer, camp, and friends! We will take some time this week to play some of our favorite games and reminisce about the great times we had together before we head back to school. Anticipated field trip: Oasis Campground